With cranes to the south  
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   Page updated 29.4.2008
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Adult male ”Matti”

In the field season of 2007 we mounted an adult male crane “Matti” with a 80 g battery powered PTT manufactured by North Star. The crane was captured in Eastern-Lapland, Finland, where it stayed within its home range with a female crane from early May to late August. The pair did not produce any offspring, which was in agreement with the field observations from much of Northern Finland where the chick production of crane appeared to be low in the summer of 2007.

Text: Petri Suorsa
























Crane just captured


Crane-mister "Matti"

It was still winter in Salla...

Yet, we had to use a boat in order to reach the bog

First spotted redshanks had arrived...

...as well as many bean geese.

Landscape in Salla where Matti`s coming? 28.4.2008.


First photo : © Kimmo Palmgren

Last photo : © Matti Tolvanen

Other photos : © Matti Suopajärvi