With cranes to the south  
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Year 2006
Female colt ”Auli”

The first platform terminal transmitter referred to below as PTT was mounted on a female colt in the Kemi-Tornio region in Northern-Finland. This action was taken as the breeding densities of cranes are highest there. We used the LC4-PTT, manufactured by Microwave Telemetry, Inc. The LC4 PTT takes a single GPS fix daily at noon and stores the precise latitude and longitude at an accuracy of ± 15 m. After 10 days the locations are transmitted to Argos. As a result, the location data are updated in ten day-intervals

A very talented field worker and bird ringer Matti Suopajärvi carried out the planning and capturing of the crane in the field. In addition, Jouko Kärkkäinen, Kimmo Palmgren, Olli-Pekka Karlin and Jouni Ylipekkala are commended for their great help in the field. As the crane captured turned out to be a female, she was named after Matti’s spouse as “Auli”.

In late August Auli-crane together with her family moved to forage on cultivated fields in Tervola-municipality, Northern-Finland and stayed there for nearly four weeks. In the middle of September a flock of approximately 700 individual cranes were gathered at the same site prior to migration. A local bird watcher Pentti Rauhala discovered Auli-crane in Tervola on 23 September and according to the GPS fix she remained there on the following day as well. On 25 September Auli-crane, at last, commenced migration. The progress of the trip can be followed via the link below.

Teksti: Petri Suorsa
























Auli-crane harnessed with the transmitter

Cranegirlie Auli


Auli in the firm grip of the writer

Now it won`t escape...


Photographs: © Matti Suopajärvi